Take control of your sea lice problem with ScaleAQ Subsea System

Subsea technology designed for exposed and deep-water locations.

Sea lice are one of the biggest challenges for the aquaculture industry, as they can cause significant losses in production and have a negative impact on fish welfare and the environment. As the world’s largest equipment supplier in aquaculture, ScaleAQ feels a great responsibility to help solve this challenge and drive sustainable growth in the industry.

Our vision is to provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions that can optimize fish production while ensuring fish welfare and environmental protection.

The development and idea behind the ScaleAQ Subsea System started back in 2016 when we applied for development licenses for submerged operations with flexible pen technology. We were the first commercial actor with thoughts on this method of operation and technology to meet the challenges of lice and other conditions.

After extensive development work and thorough model tests at Sintef Ocean (Marintek), we are now soon ready to put our technology into operation on fish farms. We have created a holistic pen concept for submerged operations that takes responsibility for the entire system and ensures the proper interaction between main components and additional equipment.

Concept description:

  • 157-meter Midgard ring
  • Net bag with a total of 44,000 m3
  • Air dome included in the net roof
  • Exposed environment, Hs 6m, and a current of 1.2 m/s
  • Uses ScaleAQ’s new dead fish system
  • Camera for monitoring and extended use of LED lights
  • Water feeding provided by ScaleAQ

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