New feed barge for the summer?

Feed barge with short delivery time: On behalf of a customer, we have started the construction of a 500 tonne concrete barge. It will not be in use until spring 2025 and can therefore be re-delivered and be on site as early as this summer.

About the barge

The barge is of the well-known Nova Concrete 500 design, measures 30×18 meters, has a large loading capacity, plenty of storage capacity and good facilities for the crew. All ScaleAQ’s barges are built according to NYTEK and certified according to NS9415:21021. Estimated lifespan is 50 years.

Feeding: The barge is supplied with the market-leading central feeding system, FeedStation, with 8 lines. The number of lines can be expanded if desired, and selector valves ensure great flexibility. The system is delivered with, among other things, 30 kW blowers, 12 augers, easy-clean sluices and cleaning stations, as well as THD filters that remove harmonic noise.


The silage capacity is a whole 80m³ distributed across 2 GRP tanks. The grinder tank has a high capacity dry-set grinder pump, while the storage tank has a dry-set circulation pump. Piping for circulation between tanks and delivery of silage to the deck is included. Furthermore, the barge comes with ScaleAQ’s own developed pre-grinder with a capacity of up to 20 tons per hour and an acid dosing system.


The barge is equipped with both shore power transformers and synchronized generators of the Himoinsa type. The generators have capacities of 200 and 60 kVA respectively. The generator room is soundproofed with specially effective panels that reduce noise both inside the room and externally on the barge. If desired, the barge can be supplied with a hybrid package.

Barge management

The barge management system, Barge Control, provides you with an overview of generators, tanks, and control of bilge pumps.


The barge comes with an 8501ma crane in the silage area. Additionally, a crane foundation is built at the end of the silo deck with a capacity for cranes up to 29 tonne-meters.

Crew facilities

In the crew section, there is a fully equipped kitchen with seating for 6, a spacious lounge area, and two cabins. Additionally, there are ample wardrobe and drying facilities.

The barge also features a large veterinary room, good deck hatches, ample storage capacity, and an integrated boat ladder. Final solutions may be influenced by your preferences depending on the time of order.

For more details, please contact Tore Laastad.

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Tore Laastad

Special Advisor – Barge & Thermolicer

+47 950 97 075