Hybrid Power System

Product Details

Voltage, nominal:
3X400VAC + N (Phase-Neutral = 230VAC)

Voltage range:
380-430VAC + N (Phase-Neutral = 219-248VAC)

50-60 Hz

Current, nominal:

23 (Higher IP possible if necessary)

Icw, Inv. cabinet:

Ipk, Inv.cabinet:

Battery energy:
150 kWh

Optimal ambient temperature:
25ºC (functional -10 to 60 ºC)

Transformer: 1790 kg
Hybrid switchboard: 820kg
Battery rack with batteries: 2172 kg

Dimensions (WxDxH):
Transformer: 1300 x 1200 x 1215 mm
Hybrid switchboard: 1360 x 640 x 2156 mm
Battery rack with batteries: Flexible


The ScaleAQ Hybrid Power Solution will provide barges with a high technological solution for reducing fuel/cost, lower emissions and improving the work environment. Our system is tailor-made for the marine environment.


  • Lower emissions (NOx and Sox)
  • Lower fuel consumption (up to 60%)
  • Less generator/diesel-engine running hours (1–7 hours)
  • Less generator/diesel-engine maintenance
  • Less acoustic noise
  • Less vibrations
  • One of the safest batteries on the market
  • DNV-GL approved batteries
  • Low CO2 footprint
  • Cobalt-free
  • Long lifetime
  • Flexible and redundant (multiple strings)
  • Adjustable short-circuit power and discrimination-curves

How does the system work?

By combining batteries with a diesel engine, you can run the diesel engine at the optimum load point, while charging the batteries and operating the barge. When the batteries are fully charged, the system automatically switches to battery operation and stops the diesel engine.

The system consists of:

  • Batteries
  • Battery rack
  • Inverter / control cabinet
  • Transformer
  • Energy Management System
  • Simulation tool

EMS (Energy Management System)

The brain of the system is one of the reasons for choosing a hybrid solution from ScaleAQ.

  • System developed in-house by ScaleAQ
  • Power consumption chart
  • Generator control
  • Trending and logging
  • System monitoring
  • Barge control
hybrid power systems mockup

Simulation tool

With our simulation tool (developed by ScaleAQ), we can simulate expected fuel consumption, battery life, number of diesel engine hours, etc. The result can be used to optimize the system.


Based on technical and financial studies we can help you select the best configuration for both new installation and retrofit. For example, we can customize the battery rack layout and make sure that the battery assembly will fit the available space.