Our Soft Hold Anchor has extremely good properties and provides large holding power for soft sediment sea beds. This anchor was developed to complete our anchor range. The Soft Hold Anchor is the market leader for soft sediment sea beds.

Product Details

Soft Hold Anchor 1700kg is developed and designed for soft sediment sea bed.

Fluke anchor 700 to 3000kg is designed for sandy sea bed.

Our Fluke Anchor has great holding power in relation to weight. The anchor type has for several years proven to be the most suitable for aquaculture sites, especially for sandy og mixed sea bed. The anchor’s solid construction is designed to withstand high loads.

Item no.DescriptionWeight (kg)Capacity MBL 90t shackle
300369Fluke anchor7003063
300372Fluke anchor10004087
300377Fluke anchor150040108
300380Fluke anchor200050108
300385Fluke anchor300070150
302108Soft Hold170050180