Our buoys have chains running all the way through and pressure-relief plates to prevent damage to the body even when the forces of nature do their worst. We will help you find the size of buoy required to support your mooring system.
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Product Details


From 500 liters and up


4 yellow daylight fluorescent reflector disc

Adapted to

Marker lights (SABIK)

The buoys have been constructed by means of a rotation moulded PE shell filled with polystyrene foam (EPS) with a compressive strength of 5m Vs, density 250kg/m3. The passing chain is terminated in each end of the buoy by the use of relief plates which prevent any damage to the buoy body. The chain is easily shackled onto the anchoring line. All wearing parts are standard components and are easily replaced when they are worn.

The buoys have been designed for surface use and are equipped with 4 yellow daylight fluorescent reflector discs. Buoy sizes from 1500 litres and upwards have been adapted to SABIK lanterns.



Item no.DescriptionHeight (mm)Diameter (mm)
300355Buoy 600 litres1650770
301144Buoy 850 litres14301200
300360Buoy 1100 litres16501200
300831Buoy 1350 litres18801200
301114Buoy 1600 litres21301200
300363Buoy 2000 litres22801170
301258Buoy 2500 litres21001600
301259Buoy 3000 litres23501600
301260Buoy 4000 litres23501940
302200APB 500 litres7201170
301679APB 1500 litres7501800
302213APB 1000 litres13901170
300365APB 2200 litres14501800
301443APB 3000 litres19401800
301082APB 4400 litres24501800
301108APB 6600 litres33501800
302724APBXL 6000 litres17302330
302972APBXL 8000 litres23502330
303470APBXL 10000 litres27502330