Chain slings

The chain sling consists of galvanized long chain slings with a welded hot galvanized loop in the end. The loop is thread into the hawser eyelet so that a control point in the form of a shackle between the chain and the rope thimble is avoided. Length of chain can be adapted to customer needs.
ChainSling closeup

Product Details

Long alloy chain with master link in one end

Used in bridle and/or as an extension in anchor lines

To reduce the number of components in the mooring system, we deliver chain slings for fixing of floating collars and anchoring lines.



Item no.DescriptionDimension (mm) Fracture strength (t)Weight per sling (kg)
301485Chain sling 19mm m/28mm masterlink, 4m193728
301947Chain sling 28mm m/38mm masterlink, 10m2880,3146
302024Chain sling 22mm m/32mm masterlink, 4m2249,636
302026Chain sling 22mm m/32mm masterlink, 8m2249,674
302098Chain sling 22mm m/32mm masterlink, 15m2249,6129
302255Chain sling 19mm m/28mm masterlink, 2m193726
302262Chain sling 19mm m/32mm masterlink, 8m193756
302580Chain sling 22mm m/32mm masterlink, 2m2249,630