Pen, net and mooringNetsNets customized for the Midgard System

Nets customized for the Midgard System

The Midgard System is an integrated net and spooling out system where the bottom ring hangs directly from the net’s lifting rope. The net is always correctly spooled out and in minimal contact with other parts of the pen system.

Product Details

Systems developed in order to reduce the risk of escape when compared with traditional cylinder nets

Complete net system developed for exposed locations

Better fish health

Safer for the farmers

Withstands exposed locations

The Midgard® System is the result of several years of determined work to find new and better total solutions in the areas of fish pen technology; floating collars; bottom rings; and nets. In developing this concept, we worked closely with Lerøy, MOWI and Salmar. We conducted extensive model experiments in Marintek’s OCEAN LABORATORY (Sintef Ocean), as well as several full-scale tests at various exposed locations.

The Midgard System provides a stable and predictable net volume even in strong current conditions. Its cylindrical shape allows the fish to go deeper into the net without increasing the weight volume (kg) of fish per cubic meter of water, which is highly advantageous if you want to take care of the fish below the lice belt. 

We chose to invest in a complete Midgard system from ScaleAQ, and we have not regretted it. We have received great help from day one. Immediate – and good – answers to all inquiries. I'd also like to praise their user manuals when I have the chance. They are very easy to understand and therefore easy to use.

Kristian Sand

Mowi Valøyan



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