For safe quality and strength, we supply forged, hot-dip galvanized mooring shackles made of high tensile steel. For securing the shackle we supply plastic-coated galvanized steel wire.

Product Details

Shackles made of high quality steel, toughened and hot galvanized.

The shackles come with a sunken 6-edge head. When mounting, the 6-edge head of the bolt will be locked, so that the installer only needs a key for sufficient bolt tightening. This will also act as a double protection to prevent the bolt from rotating, with the risk of unscrewing the nut as a result.


Item no.DescriptionMBS (tonn)e (mm)a (mm)c (mm)
300393Shackle MBL 28T anchoring285844100
300394Shackle MBL 40T anchoring406852125
300399Shackle MBL 60T anchoring608962150
300402Shackle MBL 90T anchoring909882170
301813Shackle MBL 110T anchoring110150112200
301107Shackle MBL 150T anchoring150140126248