Product Details

Shackles made of high quality steel, toughened and hot galvanized.


For safe quality and strength, we supply forged, hot-dip galvanized mooring shackles made of high tensile steel. For securing the shackle we supply plastic-coated galvanized steel wire.

The shackles come with a sunken 6-edge head. When mounting, the 6-edge head of the bolt will be locked, so that the installer only needs a key for sufficient bolt tightening. This will also act as a double protection to prevent the bolt from rotating, with the risk of unscrewing the nut as a result.

Item no. Description MBS (tonn) e (mm) a (mm) c (mm)
300393 Shackle MBL 28T anchoring 28 58 44 100
300394 Shackle MBL 40T anchoring 40 68 52 125
300399 Shackle MBL 60T anchoring 60 89 62 150
300402 Shackle MBL 90T anchoring 90 98 82 170
301813 Shackle MBL 110T anchoring 110 150 112 200
301107 Shackle MBL 150T anchoring 150 140 126 248