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Customized solutions

Product Details

We customize solutions according to your requirements
See examples of the specifications for the various products we offer below on this page.


Over the years, ScaleAQ has supplied a range of customized solutions based on the above products. These are customized solutions developed on the basis of several decades of experience and knowledge. This incorporates everything from customizations of existing products to brand new, innovative systems. The illustrations and images below give you a flavor of what we are able to deliver.

We go the whole mile to make sure our customers are happy.

Grinding facility with large capacity

The unit consists of 2×10 m3 grinding tanks with 2 13.5kW submerged grinding pumps in each tank. In addition, our proprietary DFC20 coarse grinder is fitted on top of one of the grinding tanks with an accompanying platform for personnel. The DFC coarse grinder has a grinding capacity of 20 tons/hour.

kvernetank med tørrstilt pumpe

3.5 m3 grinding tank with dry-facing grinding pump

3.5 m3 grinding tank manufactured from stainless steel with a standard lid, drainage outlet, dry-facing 7.5 kW grinding pump, starter cabinet and piping with valves and Cam-lock to supply finalized ensilage.

5 m3 insulated grinding tank

5m3 insulated grinding tank with heat strands for use in the Arctic region. Submerged 13.5kW grinding pump with starter cabinet. 500l hopper with hatches and the possibility of retrofitting the DFC-20 coarse grinder.

5m isolert kvernatank
kverntank med syklon

15m3 grinding tank with cyclone

15m3 grinding tank with cyclone for use in connection with vacuum system at onshore aquaculture facilities. 7.5 kW dry-facing grinding pump with starter cabinet.

3m3 grinding tank with coarse grinder and plateau

3m3 grinding tanks with DFC-20 coarse grinder and submerged 13.5 kW grinding pump. Easily transportable with lifting brackets for use on floats, boats and onshore. Large capacity for delivery to external storage tanks.

kverntank med grovkvern og platå
kverntank med kartipper og grovkvern

3.5 m3 grinding tank with tipping basin and coarse grinder

3.5 m3 grinding tank with submerged 13.5 kW grinding pump Tipping basin with automatic locking for 1000l fish basin. DFC-20 coarse grinder with a capacity of 20 tons/hour.

Storage tank/grinding tank concrete float

The DFC-20 coarse grinder is positioned on top of the fiberglass tank with a dry-facing grinding pump, sampling point and pressure sensors. Grinding and storage tanks. Piping systems for internal circulation, internal transfer and delivery of ensilage. Output for ensilage storage to parent control system on float.

lagertank betong
lagertank container tegning

Mobile storage tank with circulation

Mobile storage tank with a volume of 22 m3. The tank can be equipped with two submerged grinding pumps for circulation and the delivery of ensilage. The use of grinding pumps as circulation pumps ensures optimal quality and capacity.

Complete ensilation

The complete ensilation solution featuring a DFC-20 coarse grinder, 8 m3 grinding tank with two submerged grinding pumps, acid safety container with acid dosing system, power distributor, emergency shower and protective equipment cabinet. A system suited to special situations such as mass death.

Komplett ensilering

Mobile ensiling system

Together with a range of other market operators, we have designed several mobile ensiling systems for use on floats, boats or onshore. The common denominator is that we build these concepts in container racks to enable easier transportation, securing and use. The open container racks also offer easy access to equipment for maintenance, repair and cleaning.