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Mobile pre-grinder

Product Details

7,5kW/400V (Pre-grinder)
7,5kW (Delta pump) 

1000L with hatch 

Stainless steel  

Estimated to maximum 20 tons/hour
Lifting height and pumping length will affect the capacity

Fish size:
Smolt to 15 kg fish  

Total weight:
720 kg

Connection flange:
DN80 Ø160


  • Mobile pre-grinder system for barge, boat and land
  • The fish size does not affect the enormous capacity
  • Construction in stainless steel  

With a capacity of 15-20 tonnes of dead fish per hour, the mobile pre-grinder is quite unique. It handles all fish sizes and can increase the capacity of your existing silage system. Fish are loaded into the funnel on the pre-grinder. The pre-ground mass then falls into the funnel of the framework and is pumped through the Delta pump. A flexible hose can easily be connected to the flange of the Delta pump. Cam-lock connections can be provided as an option. The system can easily be lifted by strops or truck. Total power requirement is 13 kW. 

The system consists of ScaleAQ’s DFC-20 pre-grinder, Delta pump and stainless-steel frame with funnel and adjustable legs.