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Dead fish tipping container

The ScaleAQ tipping container for dead fish is available as a 580l container with or without a lid. The container is made of seawater-resistant aluminum. The stainless steel hoop is installed to allow for lifting and tipping. The lifting and tipping of the container takes place through the use of a forklift truck or lifting straps. The container features a lock to prevent the container from tipping during lifting. All tipping containers supplied by ScaleAQ come with lifting certificates.
tippecontainer for dødfisk

Product Details




With or without a lid

Container material

Seawater-resistant aluminum

Hoop material

Stainless steel


Issued by EIVA SAFEX


Can be based on customer wishesConnection options to grinder or similar

  • Can be lifted/tipped using either a truck or lifting straps
  • Includes lock to avoid tipping during lifting
  • Streamlines moving dead fish

Tipping containers can also be designed according to the customer’s wishes.