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Midgard® System

The ScaleAQ Midgard® System is the result of several years of hard work to find new, improved solutions within net pen technology – including pens, sinker tubes and nets. During development of the concept, we worked closely with Lerøy, Mowi and Salmar. We conducted exhaustive model tests at the Marintek Marine Laboratory, plus a number of full scale tests at several exposed locations.

Product Details

Midgard® System

Customised sinker tube provide optimum interplay

Sinker tube suspended direct from net baseline rope

Lifting/lowering ropes completely slack and independent of the rest of the system

Midgard® Winch System

Raising and lowering the sinker tube evenly around the entire ring

Fast, efficient raising and lowering

The objective was to prevent escapes, improve fish welfare and boost health and safety conditions for workers. The ScaleAQ Midgard® System thereby satisfies most requirements for the salmon farming industry of the future.


Why choose Midgard® System?
  • Customised sinker tube with the correct weight and rigidity to provide optimum interplay throughout the net pen system.
  • Sinker ring suspended direct from net baseline rope.
  • Lifting/lowering ropes completely slack and independent of the rest of the system and in no danger of coming in contact with the net.

The Midgard system provides stable, predictable pen net volume, even under the most extreme environmental conditions. The constant cylindrical shape means the fish can swim deeper into the pen net without increasing the stocking density, a massive advantage for rearing fish below the louse belt.

There are hundreds of installations in operation. The relationship between net, sinker tube and collar works extremely well – in any weather and even in the most exposed locations at home and abroad.

Midgard® Winch system
  • Winch system which raises and lowers the sinker tube evenly around the entire ring, safely and without problems.
  • Fast, efficient raising and lowering – no risk for the farmers.
  • Only need for an aggregate for the winches – no powerful cranes on a boat.
560 Winch

The winch system raises and lowers the bottom ring securely and controlled. Avoids the use of large and expensive crane boats. Operation and adjustments are easily performed using a remote control.

Better safety for the farmers

The use of integrated winches instead of cranes, is labor-saving and reduces the risk of accidents. The net receives minimal strain, employees are less exposed to risks, and the likelihood of making mistakes is reduced. It provides safer, easier and faster handling of the net, and the operation can also be carried out in bad weather. With a crane boat, there might be a skew load on the net and an increased risk of accidents. With the winches, the whole operations is simpler, faster and far safer.



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Pen accessories


Feed pipes

fast tamp holder

Fixed tamp holder

mooring bracker fender at sea

Mooring bracket fender

FeedHose Holder Walkway

Feed pipe holders

Net quick coupling

Mooring lug insert

cage sign holder

Complete pen sign holder

rescue ladder

Complete rescue ladder for pens


Universal bracket modules

Notkrokbeskytter i HDPE

HDPE net hook protector

Electrical cabinet module


Bird net with fiberglass rod

Universal Equipment bracket

Universal bracket for extra equipment


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ScaleAQ Winch

Winch system for sinker tube