Feed pipes

ScaleAQ supplies plastic pipes made from PE (polyethylene) for the transportation of fish feed. These have been developed in close collaboration with Hallingplast and SINTEF Energi. The pipes are solid, high quality products that resist the ordinary forces encountered during shipping, fitting and use.

Product Details


Feed pipe PE80 SDR13.6 Anti-static. Transparent


Screwed joint


Electromagnetic joint

A transparent feed pipe makes it easier to discover and prevent any blockages, wear or dust build-ups. A transparent pipes also warms up less in the sun.

  • Our anti-static feed pipes are produced from solid PE material customized to aquaculture operator’s standards and patterns of use.
  • The feed pipes are supplied in a transparent design to enable the detection of any blockages and to ensure the efficient feeding of the fish.
  • The feed pipes have been developed and tested in close collaboration with our supplier Hallingplast and SINTEF in order to find the optimum design that guarantees the requirements pertaining to quality and efficient feeding.
  • Produced in solid and recyclable PE.

We supply the following dimensions: 32, 63, 75, 90 and 110mm in PE80 quality. We also supply screwed and electromagnetic joints for joined pipes.



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