Net quick coupling

Product Details

Net quick coupling


  • Our duplex steel quick release ensures quick and easy installation of bag nets to floating collars.
  • The fiber strap connecting the net to the floating collar ensures a standardized distance between the net and all fixing points.
  • The quick coupling reduces the use of ropes traditionally used when installing bag nets.
  • The quick coupling requires aquaculture personnel to use cages with steel brackets and internal fenders. The use of internal fenders will also reduce wear and tear to the net.

ScaleAQ’s quick coupling for nets has been designed to standardize the installation method, the distance between the rail support and net ears, and to reduce the unnecessary use of ropes and time. The quick coupling consists of an upper and lower steel component adapted to the rail support and secured using a custom ear pin. The net is fixed by running a circular strap through the net ear and back to the lower part of the quick coupling before it is locked using an ear pin. In order to avoid the quick coupling falling into the sea, it is tied to the rail support using two custom 3mm Aquaneema ropes.

ScaleAQ’s quick couplings are suitable for cages in these ranges: FR450, FR500, FR560 and FR630.


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