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Bird net with fiberglass rod

ScaleAQ’s bird net is made to enable easier access to the pen, with the sides of the net being designed to be raised and lowered like a Roman blind. By using PE (polyethylene), we can go down to 1.2 mm threads. This ensures the bird net is lightweight, which means that the top hangs at the same height above the pen.

Product Details


Complete ScaleAQ fiberglass rod with holder, pulley and rope


Bird net PE1.2mm x250/100mmsq


Bird net PE1.2mm x150/100mmsq

ScaleAQ’s bird net rods are made using glass fiber reinforced polymer (GRFP) and are developed on the basis of analyses and testing. Along with the rods, we also supply dedicated fasteners, casters and ropes for attachment to the clips and bird net.

  • Specially adapted to suit all pens with both steel clamps and plastic clamps
  • Reduces the use of towers and hamster wheels
  • Can be adapted according to the customer’s requirements in terms of mesh size and material

The use of 1.2mm thread results in less air resistance when it is windy, and the bird net remains taut and insitu no matter the weather. ScaleAQ supplies bird nets for all pen solutions.



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