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Mooring bracket fender

Mooring bracket fender for the protection of mooring ears on brackets. The fender protects the attachment to the crowfoot, and is marked with bright colors that ensure aquaculture personnel know where the crowfoot is at all times. The mooring bracket fender can be retrofitted.
mooring bracker fender at sea

Product Details


Mooring bracket fender FR450, FR500, FR560, FR630

  • Protects boats from wear and tear, as well as damage, when arriving at the pen.
  • The color of the fender means that the mooring bracket and crowfoot are also visible during operations after the fall of darkness.
  • The fender can be fitted during production of the pen, but can also be added once the pen is at sea.
Suitable for:
  • FR450
  • FR500
  • FR560
  • FR630



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