Nets, together with floating collars and moorings, are one of the key components in any aquaculture facility, and must be optimized to the rest of the setup and conditions at the site.

Net design



Nets customized for the Midgard System

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Net servicing


Rune Blomstervik
Commercial Product Manager - Pens & Nets
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Tor Henrik Haavik
Sales Director North Atlantic
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Trond Karlsen
Sales Director Emerging Markets
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The optimal fit provides minimal risk of wear and tear against other key components. Extra hardlaid ropes in the net framework and hand-lacing ensure the optimum fit from the first day at sea and throughout the lifetime of the net. Hand lashing netting to all ropes using double thread and knot locks for one out of every three meshes ensures solid, long-life nets.

ScaleAQ works closely together with customers and subcontractors to find the best solutions for the salmon farming businesses of today and tomorrow.

We can supply our nets in a range of materials: Nylon; Polyester; (Define ULTIMA and ULTRA, knotted and Rachel HDPE and UHMWPE.)

We use only high quality netting in accordance with the current Norwegian Standard NS9415