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Mooring Systems

ScaleAQ’s mooring systems are adapted to the demanding environments they will operate in and provide a safe and robust investment. Mooring equipment has to tolerate winds and weather at the most extreme. That’s why we make maximum use of our knowledge of our field, 40 years of experience in the industry and thorough analysis and calculations to ensure complete robustness. This is why mooring systems from ScaleAQ meet not only our criteria, but also the requirements of the customer and the authorities to become a safe, robust investment.


ankerkjetting closeup

Anchor chains


AQ Ring

bøye uten lys



Anchoring bolt

Mooring ConnectionPlate under the sea

Mooring plate


Galvanized long chain



ChainSling closeup

Chain slings

bøyer med lys

Marker lights SABIK






Galvanized master links


Håkon Tønne
Product Manager Mooring
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Øyvind Refsnes
Regionsjef Forankring Sør
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Accredited mooring analyses

The starting point for good mooring systems is in-depth knowledge of the location the facility is to be deployed in. ScaleAQ has highly qualified employees and the most up to date tools of analysis available for the dimensioning of moorings. We combine your experience with advanced location investigations.

Computer programs provide the opportunity of simulating the conditions on a given site on a stormy day. Floating collars, nets and all moorings are being modeled in the program. By entering data for currents, winds and waves for the location, the computer program calculates the forces the mooring and the floating collar and net will be subjected to within the safety margins which are required in the NS9415 standard. This facilitates optimization of the components of which the mooring system consists.

This is what you get when you choose a ScaleAQ mooring system
  • Certified according to NS9415
  • Certified according to the NYTEK regulation
  • Standardised components
  • Complete documentation of the entire system
  • Complete system – all parts designed for each other
  • In-house expertise for mooring analyses: Marine Engineering
  • In-house and third party inspections of all components that we do not produce ourselves
  • Tested in simulations and in practice over many years
ScaleAQ Mooring System video: