Pen, net and mooringPensVortex®


Semi-closed system. Salmon lice thrive best in the upper layers of the ocean, and this is why there is a cover over the top of the net that stops the lice from entering the net-pen. In order to get enough fresh seawater, Vortex® pumps lice-free seawater up from the depths below the net-pen.

Product Details

Patented solution

Buoyancy ring FR630 – 160m

4 thrusters

16m side wall – adjustable

12m PE skirt + 3m nylon net

Midgard System

Vortex® – Semi-closed system

  • Significantly reduced lice infestation
  • Protects fish against algae
  • Ensures stable water temperatures
  • Provides more stable oxygen conditions in the pen
  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Cost-effective solution compared to alternative closed solutions

The thrusters create a vortex that lifts the water from 25-30 meters depth. The water flows through the center of the pen all the way to the surface. The constant circular flow forces used water to sink down the side walls. At a depth of 12 meters the water hits a “terrace” and it is pushed out through the side wall.