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Marine Engineering

Our engineers have long experience and considerable know-how within aquaculture and offshore technology. They find the most cost-effective and safest solutions for any location.
Marine engineering




Martin Søreide
Technical Director – Marine Engineering
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ScaleAQ has extensive experience within calculations and dimensioning of marine constructions, including structural and hydrodynamic analyses for fish farm mooring, barge mooring, pens, nets and other constructions.

Our engineers cover a wide range of competence and knowledge on fish farming and offshore constructions. Hence, they develop the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for any location.

All evaluations take into account customers specific scope and requirements. Furthermore, all calculations are done according to current regulations and standards.

Marine engineering undertakes:
  • Certification
  • Mooring analyses
  • Constructional analyses (Element and 3D+2D-analyses)
  • Capacity analyses for certification and deliverables
  • Research and development
  • All deliverables (project planning, analyses, drawings, installation)
  • Drawing and production of components
  • Site visits
  • Project management