Cermaq selects ScaleAQ as its partner for iFarm

Cermaq and BioSort are now in the process of realising their development permits for iFarm, and – following a thorough process they have selected ScaleAQ as their delivery partner for aquaculture equipment for the project.

ScaleAQ will supply its Midgard System, including a floating collar, winch and Midgard net, in addition to a net cover and net tube that will enclose the iFarm unit being developed by BioSort. The first edition of iFarm is scheduled to be deployed at the Martnesvika facility in Steigen in the summer of 2020.

– ‘For us, it was crucial to bring on board a partner who offered the best expertise and has enough muscle to ensure that we make iFarm a success,’ says the very satisfied Project Manager for iFarm at Cermaq, Karl Fredrik Ottem. ‘ScaleAQ is a partner we have worked with before, and we know they deliver solid solutions. During the process, they have always put their expertise and skills at our disposal, and they laid the foundations for a great partnership. We are very pleased to have secured ScaleAQ as our collaborative partner for the iFarm project,’ says Ottem.

ScaleAQ brings together the best

ScaleAQ’s strategy is to bring together the best people in the aquaculture supply industry in order to build a strong, skilled company that can serve as an important partner and adviser to aquaculture operators. This ensures that ScaleAQ is a key contributor to enhancing and ensuring development in the aquaculture sector. A vital part has been played in this by the creation of a new department working on innovation and development across the companies under the ScaleAQ umbrella.

– ‘We are thrilled that Cermaq chose us,’ says ScaleAQ CCO Stig Førre. ‘We feel this is confirmation that our strategy of offering partnerships is the right one. In time, we will increasingly become an adviser rather than a seller.’

From the left, back row: Harald Tronstad (BioSort), Bernt Saugen (BioSort), Tore S. Strand (ScaleAQ), Martin Søreide (ScaleAQ), Sindre Abrahamsen (BioSort)
From the left, front row: Odd Ronald Olsen (ScaleAQ), Noralf Rønningen (ScaleAQ), Karl Fredrik Ottem (Cermaq), Geir Hauge (BioSort), Kjell Hansen (Cermaq).

Wide-ranging cooperation behind iFarm

Cermaq, BioSort and ScaleAQ have formed a project group featuring complementary knowledge bases. This will ensure that the iFarm project is provided with the best possible conditions in which to succeed. Expertise from a range of areas will be combined to unite their forces.

– ‘We are excited about working together with the best experts in their respective fields,’ says Noralf Rønningen, R&D Manager and responsible for coordinating ScaleAQ’s contribution. ‘BioSort’s experiences with the Tomra system and recording large volumes of data and then processing this will be highly transferable to the aquaculture sector. Together with Cermaq and our own expertise, we will be the absolute best.’

From the left: Noralf Rønningen (ScaleAQ), Karl Fredrik Ottem (Cermaq), Geir Hauge (BioSort)

About iFarm

iFarm is a system under development that uses image recognition and the identification of each individual salmon to monitor the status and development of every single fish in a pen, including growth, health and lice.  Individual fish can be sorted out, and only fish that need to be will be treated for health issues. iFarm thus enables a shift from group-based operations to individualised care, and will improve fish health and welfare in the aquaculture sector. The sensor-based solutions for iFarm are being developed by BioSort. Cermaq has been awarded four development licences for iFarm.

About ScaleAQ

ScaleAQ manufactures and supplies fully equipped aquaculture facilities, digital technology, design services, infrastructure and other services in a reliable, sustainable and innovative way. The company establishes, optimises and upgrades aquaculture facilities. ScaleAQ is a newly-created, globally focused, Norwegian-based company that bring expertise and innovation to onshore and sea-based aquaculture. As a result of the merger of Steinsvik, Aqualine, AquaOptima, and now also PanLogica, the company offers a complete package of world class services to customers in the aquaculture industry in more than 40 countries via its 900 employees across 27 offices.