Stronger focus on biology and sustainability

Increased value creation through a stronger focus on biology and sustainability – Geir Myklebust, CEO of ScaleAQ is firm in his belief that sustainability and biology is what is going to move the industry forward:

– ScaleAQ wants to increase value creation by emphasizing biology and sustainability in new ways. Many have realized that the focus on biology and the environment must be strengthened. ScaleAQ wants to take an active role in within both arenas.

Strengthens ScaleAQ in sustainability and biology

– As a global player and partner to the aquaculture industry, we see that we can contribute to an even greater extent than today in developing the industry together with our customers. As part of this, we are now hiring dedicated leaders in the areas of sustainability and biology. This autumn, Hanne Digre and Torstein Kristensen will start in ScaleAQ. They both represent long experience from seafood, salmon and on sustainability issues.

Hanne Digre will be a new resource in sustainability

Hanne comes from the position as head of research at Sintef Ocean, where she has managed the department of seafood technology. She has a PhD in harvesting, stress and quality of farmed fish. Hanne has 22 years of experience from the fishing and aquaculture industry.

Torstein Kristensen as a new resource in biology

Torstein has a degree in biology with fish physiology as his subject area and has a doctorate in water quality in aquaculture from NMBU. He comes from the position as associate professor at Nord University and acting group leader for the subject group aquaculture. He has previously worked at NIVA with, among other things, water quality in aquaculture.


– In many areas, aquaculture is very sustainable, but there will always be challenges. ScaleAQ is now rigging to increase our contribution more actively and purposefully towards solving today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. We are experiencing increased attention from our customers on these subjects, and this is a step to meet the expectations.

Bilde av Hanne Digre

Hanne Digre

Bilde av Torstein Kristensen

Torstein Kristensen