Hybrid feed barges are becoming the new standard

ScaleAQ reports high demand for hybrid solutions after launch. A significant share of new barges sold are equipped with the solution that can reduce emissions with up to 60%.

Sustainability and economics

– We see that there clearly has been a need for this solution. The farmers are concerned about sustainability and economics, we notice this especially well in the demand for our hybrid solutions for feed barges, says Hanne Digre, Sustainability director in Scale AQ.

– The aquaculture industry is often seen as an industry that does not take sustainability seriously, often to the great frustration of us on the inside who see the good work being done. In fact, aquaculture is one of the most sustainable ways of food production and we notice that sustainability has become an important decision criteria for our customers, including when choosing feed barges.

– Since we launched our Hybrid Power System earlier this year, we have sold 10 barges with the system. It is not only Norwegian breeders who are concerned about this, both Scottish and Icelandic customers have ordered hybridized barges.

Reduced emissions and better working environment

– On average, our system reduces fuel consumption by 45%, but it is possible to achieve a reduction of up to 60%. Engines are allowed to run under optimal operating conditions, this means that they utilize the fuel to the maximum and it also prolongs the life of the engine. On pure generator operation, a site can use 120,000 liters on a generation of fish. A reduction of up to 60% is definitely noticeable in the wallet and overall gives a significant reduction in emissions. The farmers’ investments thus provide an annual saving on emissions corresponding to just over 80 cars.

Hybride forflåter interiør

– It is not only the environment that benefits from hybridization. A hybrid-powered barge is a more pleasant place to be for the crew. Noise and vibration can be kept to a minimum. When you work in the noise all day, and have done so for many years, you often stop noticing it, but when the batteries take over for the generator, you notice a huge difference, explains Digre, who also says that neighbors of fish farms will notice less noise from the facility. This means a better working day for hundreds of people

Bilde av Hanne Digre

Hanne Digre, Director Sustainability