SmartSpreader™ – our new, motorized feed spreader

The SmartSpreder™ is a motorized spreader designed to spread feed even better. The operator can select a pre-defined throwing length or can allow the spreader to follow a specific pattern that ensures an even distribution of pellets across the entire pen surface. Controlling and adjusting the spreader at pen level is easy thanks to our FeedStation software.

Why choose the SmartSpreader™?

The SmartSpreader™ is ideal for use when feeding during the start-up phase. By spreading the feed where the fish are instead of the fish having to seek out the feed, more fish will benefit from good feed access and you will achieve smoother and faster growth across your fish stock.

Using the spreader is also advantageous when fish are large. Large fish tend to swim closer to the edge of the pen, so by adjusting the throwing length to this you can ensure all fish in the pen have good feed access.

SmartSpreader - vår nye motoriserte fôrspreder

To date, strong wind and current conditions have been a challenge when it came to feeding. Without any ability to adjust your throwing length, there can be circumstances in which feed either blows away or is drawn out of the pen before the fish are able to eat it. On days like this, you are now in the position to adjust your throwing length to ensure the best possible availability.

Easy maintenance

The spreader has undergone extensive testing over a harsh winter and spring in northern Norway without a single day of downtime incurred. The technology choices that have been made ensure this is an almost-maintenance-free spreader that will operate even with challenging feed quality.