Sustainability decisive when Lerøy chose feed pipe supplier

Lerøy recently entered into a comprehensive framework agreement with ScaleAQ for the supply of feed pipes. One of the main criteria that became decisive was the recycling solution.

– It has been a demanding and comprehensive process, where Lerøy’s clear requirements and desire to be a driving force for increased sustainability in the industry, has contributed to the fruition of this solution, says Hanne Digre, Sustainability Director at ScaleAQ.

– Sustainability shall always be part of the evaluation process in purchasing competitions for Lerøy Seafood Group, says Erik Kjær Mjøs, senior purchasing consultant at LSG.

– This is in line with our guidelines in Lerøy’s sustainability library.

Used feed pipes are delivered to the quay near the sites and stored before collection and recycling.


Erik Mjøs, Senior purchasing consultant in LSG

– Lerøy Seafood Group has a significant amount of feed hoses, says Hanne Digre.

– We also collaboration with Lerøy to minimize the emissions in connection feed pipe transportation. By having an ongoing dialogue and regular meetings, we will together ensure that the cargo capacity during transport is fully utilized, this will mean fewer trailer trips and thus a reduction in emissions.

– The recycled plastic can be reused in our own products such as handrails and new feed pipes. In other industries, there is an almost infinite number of products that can be made from the recycled material. Used feed pipes get a new value, this minimizes plastic emissions, reduces waste and the need for new raw material. It is an important contribution to our constant work with the sustainability challenges in our industry.

Plastic waste originated in Norway is handled in Norway

ScaleAQ has chosen to collaborate with Oceanize on collection and recycling. Oceanize establishes plastics in circular value chains. By recycling almost 500,000 kg of plastic, in stead of exporting or incinerating it greenhouse gas emissions of more than 2 million kg of CO2 are prevented, says Tormod Steen, Communications Manager at Oceanize. At the same time, we want to praise Lerøy and ScaleAQ for taking producer responsibility seriously and for putting sustainability on the agenda.

Bilde av Hanne Digre

Hanne Digre, Sustainability Director in ScaleAQ

Tormod Steen. Foto

Tormod Steen, Communications Manager at Oceanize