ScaleAQ has had good growth over the past year – our annual and sustainability report for 2021 has been published

ScaleAQ has had good growth over the past year – total revenues increased by 12% to a total of NOK 2.8 billion.

– We see a strong improvement in the result, with an EBIT of 130 MNOK for 2021. This is the result of a complete restructuring and joint operation of the organization, says Geir Myklebust, CEO of ScaleAQ.

– I am proud of my colleagues who have managed to achieve these results while maintaining the pace of innovation with launches of the SmartSpreader, the cloud-based version of Mercatus and the water feeding solution.

– We will do a lot in the coming time as well, and spend a lot of energy on developing technology for closed aquaculture at sea and on land. In addition, we have several exciting projects within sustainability, where we are particularly looking at the recycling of plastic from, among other things, pens and feed hoses.

Questions can be directed to:: Geir Myklebust, CEO / 917 52 046

Geir Myklebust, CEO ScaleAQ