Scale AQ’s SmartSpreader™ leads the way in adaptable feeding technology

ScaleAQ’s SmartSpreader™ leads the way in adaptable feeding technology

Feeding is arguably the most important job, and one of the highest costs, in aquaculture. It isn’t just about the feed itself, but the way you feed that makes the difference. The optimised feeding of fish is a complex operation that requires both experience and expertise, as well as the right tools for the job.

ScaleAQ’s SmartSpreader™ is a motorised feed spreader designed to help you spread feed across pens more efficiently than ever before, allowing you to adapt the throwing length and pattern to reach every fish and ensure reduced feed waste.

Graham Smith, General Manager, Scale AQ UK and Ireland, is positive about the benefits of the system, saying, “The SmartSpreader ensures the best results by allowing you to alter the feed-throwing lengths to adapt to fish needs as they develop, and to adapt to different weather and sea conditions.”

Graham Smith, General Manager Scale AQ UK and Ireland

Choose how you spread feed

The SmartSpreader™ operator can select a predefined throwing length designed to suit the needs of your fish, or you can allow the spreader to follow a specific pattern that ensures an even distribution of pellets across the entire pen surface. Controlling and adjusting the spreader at pen level is easy thanks to Scale AQ’s integrated FeedStation software that can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile.


Accurate feed distribution for different stages

The SmartSpreader™ is ideal for use when feeding during the start-up phase. By spreading the feed in the areas where the fish already are, rather than the fish having to seek out the feed, more fish will benefit from good feed access, and you will achieve smoother and faster growth across your fish stock.

The SmartSpreader™ also works well for feeding larger fish. As these tend to swim closer to the edge of the pen, increasing the throwing length to reach the edge of the pen means all fish have good feed access. This consistent delivery of feed to larger fish means you can be confident that they’ll continue to benefit from the vital nutrients they need in the most effective way.

Adapts to changing conditions

Strong wind and current conditions can create challenges in feeding. Without any ability to adjust your throwing length, feed can end up being blown away or drawn out of the pen before the fish can eat it. The adjustable throwing length of the SmartSpreader™ ensures that feed stays in the pen. It’s easy to adjust the throwing length to ensure the best possible availability of food, whatever the conditions, plus you know you’ll be reducing feed waste in the process.

Robust technology you can trust

ScaleAQ has more than 35 years’ experience in developing and delivering world-leading centralised feeding systems for the global aquaculture industry. Thanks to years of product development, Scale AQ has optimised the physical components to enable their customers to choose reliable, robust feeding systems for use in both land-based and sea-based aquaculture.

The SmartSpreader™ has been put to the test in tough conditions, going through extensive testing over a harsh winter and spring in northern Norway, without a single day of downtime.

The technology at the heart of the SmartSpreader™ makes it almost-maintenance-free. Plus, it is simple to use with the most user-friendly and future-proofed management software available on the market in the shape of ScaleAQ’s FeedStation.

To find out more about how the SmartSpreader™ could help make feeding easier and more efficient please contact Graham Smith, General Manager Scale AQ UK and Ireland, on