AquaNor 2023: A week filled with highlights

Aqua Nor 2023 is now history, and the major aquaculture expo in Trondheim was the most visited ever. As usual, ScaleAQ had a stand in Spektrum and a  full-scale facilities at Skansen.

Throughout the busy days, numerous customers, employees, politicians, partners, and other interested parties visited our booth for engaging conversations.

This year’s booth showcased the company’s diversity; for the first time, we shared the space with Moen Marin and their partners: Mekon, Navy, and Marin Design. Together, we were stronger than ever, and this resulted in the largest and most professional booth we have ever presented. Our emphasis on diversity and collaboration led us to win the prize for the best booth, an achievement we are incredibly proud of.

Maskon, had its own separate booth in the F-hall.

The program this year included seminars, visits to Norcod’s feeding center, the christening of Norcod’s feed barge, an After Fair event, as well as a successful launch party at Havet, which attracted over 500 participants.

We’ve enjoyed some fantastic days and have received recognition from both customers, suppliers, and partners. It’s always gratifying when the investment of time and a large portion of the year’s marketing budget in just one week pays off.

About Aqua Nor:

For over 40 years, Aqua Nor has served as an important international meeting place for the aquaculture industry. Today, it is the world’s largest expo for aquaculture technology. In recent years, the expo has attracted around 25,000 visitors from up to 80 nations to the Trondheim Spektrum. All significant news concerning the industry is presented her

Anita G. Hårstad, Marketing Manager