New Milestone at ScaleAQ: Our Second Environmental Declaration is in Place

ScaleAQ has reached a new milestone by completing its second environmental declaration. This demonstrates our commitment to documenting and reducing the environmental impact in the aquaculture industry.

We have previously published an environmental declaration for floating collars, and the latest declaration concerns the bottom ring of these. Through the SirkAQ project, we continuously work to improve the environmental friendliness of our products, in line with the industry’s goals and EU requirements.

We collaborate with others in the industry to develop common guidelines for environmental declarations and value tools such as EPD generators, which make it easier to create standardized declarations. Our environmental declarations are based on thorough analyses and are certified by third parties, providing reliable information about the environmental impact of our products. This helps us to focus on and reduce the most environmentally harmful parts of the product lifecycle.

As a leading player in the aquaculture industry, we are proud to engage in sustainable innovation and commit ourselves to contributing to a more sustainable future for the industry.

June Valla, Environmental Advisor