Flexi feed cannon

Product Details

Feeding capacity:
Seamlessly from 5 kg/min – 150 kg/min

PLC with touch screen

6 inches

Hydraulic operation – 40-50 l/min, 250 bar, 24V 5 A, or
Electric operation – approx. 10 kW, 230V/400V

Seawater resistant aluminum

Silo capacity:
Built according to customer requirements
All feed cannons are delivered with sack splitters

Pellet size:
Can be calibrated for up to 4 different sizes


Our Flexi feed cannon concept was developed in 1991 and we have since supplied over 600 systems to companies in Norway and abroad. The machine is extremely gentle with the pellet, easy to control and can be adapted to your specific needs.

It is a perfect supplement in periods of particularly intensive feeding, or during start-up feeding. The machine itself can be used as a feeding system with measuring functions that can provide detailed feedback on the amount of feed distributed. The system is also often used to move feed and fill feeding machines.

  • Large feeding capacity
  • Reliable
  • Detailed feeding data
  • Tailor-made for your needs


A high capacity fan, 6″ pipes and specially developed cell feeder/doser ensures that the feed arrives at the fish undamaged. Most functions can be controlled via a handheld PLS with touch screen. The amount of feed can be adjusted seamlessly, while the pendulum function and fan can be started/stopped as required. The machine is perfect for intensive feeding. Feeding can be adjusted seamlessly from 5kg to 150 kg per minute. Hydraulic operation of all functions makes the machine extremely reliable. It is quiet and makes life easy for the farmer.


Flexi Feed Cannon is a flexible fish feeding system. Precise feeding data per pen is stored in PLS and the machine can be calibrated for up to 4 different pellet sizes. It is supplied on demand, which means there is plenty of opportunity to make adjustments to the silo and machinery. The system can be built into boats of different sizes in order to maximize the silo capacity, or it can be placed on deck with the possibility of moving it from boat to boat.