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Through our Mercatus software, we offer a unique portfolio of closely integrated applications that support all production-related operations that aquaculture operators engage in.
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Advanced reporting



Covers the full life cycle

Biological overview from roe to slaughter, fish health, optimized production planning in the future and full control of financial parameters are all features that make Mercatus an outstanding tool – both in terms of operational control and for making significant strategic decisions.

Mercatus offers a modern, user-friendly interface and also works on mobile and tablet. The solution is species-independent, uses an open API in line with ScaleAQ’s philosophy of transparency and is used by aquaculture operators – great and small – all around the world.

Mercatus Farmer: Traceability throughout the life cycle

Farmer is a production system that covers the entire life cycle from roe to slaughter. It calculates the inventory at each site based on records relating to deployments, feeding, environmental conditions and all other handling of the fish. Information about the fish is retained when moving fish between pens and sites. All fish will then have their own CV in the system that includes all relevant information.

Regardless of the size of your company, Farmer provides you with a full overview of your operation in a modern, user-friendly interface. Farmer is built using responsive design that means it is available online, via mobile and tablet.

Mercatus Farmer illustrert
Site overview in Farmer 6.

The timeline is a graphic representation of the life cycle of the fish where you can easily see all events from deployment to the present day. Seeing an overview of every event in the life of a fish doesn’t get easier than this. The timeline is a representation of the most important events on the fish’s CV, including information about its origins, environment, feeding, treatments, vaccines and samples.

Advanced reporting

The system is delivered with a plentiful supply of predefined reports about health, quality, production, inventory and much more. By using our OLAP cubes, the figures in the system can be exported to Excel and other formats such as Power BI.

Integrated systems

Our solutions make daily life easier for our customers. This is why we keep manual records to a minimum. Registration at sites can be done straight into Farmer using a mobile or tablet. Farmer shares the figures with our solutions for production and slaughter planning, as well as financial analysis. Close integration ensures the data quality and minimizes the risk of errors and the need for repeated registrations. Farmer features open APIs in line with ScaleAQ’s philosophy relating to transparency, and it imports data from existing systems such as slaughterhouse and feeding facilities, and it can also export data.