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Mercatus Finance

Through our Mercatus software, we offer a unique portfolio of closely integrated applications that support all production-related operations that aquaculture operators engage in.
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Product Details

Efficient cost control

Continuously updated inventory values

Advanced biological reporting

Advanced financial reporting

Biological overview from roe to slaughter, fish health, optimized production planning in the future and full control of financial parameters are all features that make Mercatus an outstanding tool – both in terms of operational control and for making significant strategic decisions.

Mercatus offers a modern, user-friendly interface and also works on mobile and tablet. The solution is species-independent, uses an open API in line with ScaleAQ’s philosophy of transparency and is used by aquaculture operators – great and small – all around the world.

Finance: Financial budgeting made easy

Finance keeps you up to date on production costs and inventory values throughout the life cycle.

Finance creates financial budgets and forecasts, including the development of inventory values and production costs per kilo over time. The solution offers smooth interfaces with several ERP systems, as well as Mercatus Future which is used for production planning. Customer-defined rules ensure optimized accuracy and financial budgets and forecasts can easily be created and used for reporting and benchmarking purposes. The system can be used throughout the entire life cycle.

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Finance allows you to compare your budget with your actual performance.
Up-to-date information

All the data in Finance is provided in real-time and ensure you have the overview you need to make the right decisions. At the end of each period, the dataset is used to update forecasts and budgets for the coming year. The dataset in Finance reflects the set up in your ERP/Finance system and uses the same account settings, cost centers and departmental structure as your finance software.

Production costs and inventory values

Finance calculates your production costs based on real-time data from your finance system. This provides you with up-to-date information about your production costs and inventory values per kilo.


Reporting is done using a range of standard reports or through the use of our OLAP cubes which export the data to Excel and other formats such as Power BI. We help you to set up customized reports so that you can maintain full control of your production costs and inventory values on a month-by-month basis, both for closed and future periods. This makes it easy to compare actual performance against your plans and budgets.