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Through our Mercatus software, we offer a unique portfolio of closely integrated applications that support all production-related operations that aquaculture operators engage in.
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Biological overview from roe to slaughter, fish health, optimized production planning in the future and full control of financial parameters are all features that make Mercatus an outstanding tool – both in terms of operational control and for making significant strategic decisions.

Mercatus offers a modern, user-friendly interface and also works on mobile and tablet. The solution is species-independent, uses an open API in line with ScaleAQ’s philosophy of transparency and is used by aquaculture operators – great and small – all around the world.

Mercatus Vet

Mercatus Vet is a program for the documentation and reporting of fish health-related work in the aquaculture industry.

Mercatus Vet can be used on its own or integrated with Mercatus Farmer. In the latter case, the two programs exchange useful information. This enables fish health personnel to have effective access to relevant information from Farmer in the Vet interface while they are working. For example, biomass, mortality, lice levels and treatments are all displayed.

Visitor reports and prescriptions set up in Vet will be shown in Mercatus Farmer at the corresponding site. This makes it easy for operational personnel on site to maintain a full overview of their fish health documentation. This is particularly useful in the event of audits by customers or the authorities.

Mercatus Vet adapts its registration pages on the basis of the individual company’s needs. This means that it is easy to facilitate the entry of text as well as maintaining a good interface for the collection of structured data.

The Vet user dialog enables you to upload relevant documents and images. Naturally, it is also possible to create prescriptions in Mercatus Vet and connect these to risk assessments carried out in advance of any decision to issue a prescription.

Prescriptions and visitor reports can be sent as emails directly from Mercatus Vet.