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Network cabinet for pens

Joint network infrastructure for equipment from alle suppliers. Our network cabinet for pens comes with high-capacity wireless transmission, providing you with full control over your network infrastructure all the way to the edge of the pen. Consolidate traffic between the pen and the barge through a standardized cabinet from ScaleAQ, regardless of the number of suppliers you have equipment from. Supports both wireless and fiber connections.

Product Details

Supports third-party equipment connection

Supports 3rd generation feeding cameras directly in the cabinet

Built for future data needs

Customer-specific configuration

Solution description

  • Supports connection of third-party equipment, consolidating all equipment suppliers through the same existing infrastructure.
  • Supports 3rd generation feeding cameras directly in the cabinet; other PoE cameras are also supported. This means that with feeding cameras from ScaleAQ, you do not need a separate camera cabinet.
  • Built for future data needs, featuring a full gigabit switch, 8 Ethernet ports, and 2 SFP ports for fiber.
  • Together with the new wireless solution, this setup delivers speeds far exceeding previous capabilities, with up to 70 Mbit/s per pen.
  • Custom configuration is possible, allowing you to set up access as desired.

ScaleAQ stocks standardized cables for connecting to camera cabinets or third-party equipment. These cables come in various lengths but can also be customized to the desired length if a non-standard length is required (up to a maximum of 70m).

Why choose infrastructure cabinets from ScaleAQ?

  • By choosing ScaleAQ to provide the infrastructure between the barge and the pen, you receive robust, high-quality cabinets with components selected to withstand the environment they are in. The cabinets are delivered as a cabinet-in-cabinet solution.
  • When a single supplier handles the delivery from the barge to the pen and to the camera, you have one point of contact for support, eliminating the need to involve other parties in troubleshooting.
  • The cabinets can be supplied independently of the camera supplier, contributing to a more standardized solution that simplifies operations when uniformity is maintained across facilities.