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Off-Grid Sensor Logger

With the Off-Grid Sensor Logger, ScaleAQ is responding to the increasing demand for continuous surveillance and monitoring of environmental factors in every pen. Having sensors running and logging 24/7 has until now been difficult when power is turned off at night.
off-grid sensor logger

Product Details

Radio system

LoRa Unlicensed Regulated Radio Data System

Operating frequencies

Dependent on region

Base station

Typically one per site

Number of satellitte units

Unlimited in theory Practically up to 300 per base-unit

Sensor inputs per Remote


Deployment range

Up to 5 km from the base unit

Monitor sensors independently from wired power supply systems

By deploying one of our radio base-units on the feeding barge or land feeding station, and one of our remote LoRa logging units on each pen to be monitored, you can keep collecting sensor data even when the main power is off.

  • Powered by rechargeable batteries, keeps logging and transmitting when main power is off.
  • Portable and compact, quick fix bracket for efficient re-deployment.
  • 36 hours countinous run time before recharging batteries
  • Enables 24/7/365 operation of sensors and dataflow even when power is switched off.
What is LoRa?

LoRa is a radio data system, standardised world-wide, and regulated, but free for public use. Very much a part of the Internet of Things, “Lo Ra” itself stands for Long Range, which in this case means that you can deploy up to 300 of our remote logging units at up to 5Km from a single base-unit. That gives you the ability to monitor what you want in the pens, and you can also include monitoring devices outside the barge / pen area if needed.

Daily operation

In the daytime, the units charge from AC power, or via our PSU multicontacts. When the power goes off, the remote units keep logging and sending data, and the base unit receives and stores data for up to 36 hours, ready to be uploaded to Scale’s Unite AQ logging system in the morning.

4G Live-Log and future add-ons

Soon, we will offer a 4G Live-Log option which will allow the base station to stream data immediately via 4G to the cloud. This means real-time sensor readings also at night, allowing for warnings at night based on thresholds on sensor values.

The units are ready to take green power, and the base unit is compatible with future products which will offer secure remote control of other equipment, eg remote start up of generators etc.

In the image gallery below you see Satellite Radio unit (left) with 4 sensor inputs, and a pod-style non-obtrusive antenna and the Base Station (right).