Sinker tube

Product Details

The ScaleAQ sinker tube provides extra safety, a better environment for the fish and makes net cleaning easier.

All ScaleAQ pens are certified for use with a sinker tube.


Long experience of supplying and servicing sinker tubes

A sinker tube helps prevent the shape and thus the net volume from changing in locations subject to many storms. The sinker tube is designed to make the handling of the net easier.

The sinker tube is lifted in “phases” using a winch on a boat, or mounted on the floating collar. This allows you to remove fouling while the fish is almost undisturbed in the lower part. Delicing can also be performed safely and controlled because you have good control over the volume of the net.

The weight of the bottom ring varies from 15-140 kg / m. The local conditions determine what weight the bottom ring should have.

Benefits using sinker tube:


  • Reduces point loading on nets.
  • Gives you full control during lining up.
  • Minimal risk of propeller damage to nets.
  • Stable net volume, even under extreme conditions.

Environmental benefits:

  • Open mesh ensures good through-flow and less growth.
  • “Constant” cylindrical net volume means fewer injuries and stress.
  • A sinker tube makes delousing using sealed tarpaulins easier in large net pens.

Easier cleaning:

  • Easy washing using brushes/high-pressure washes or divers.
  • Net drying without significant changes to net shape.