Solar CIU

In areas with abundant sunshine and significant distances from other infrastructure, our solar solution is an ideal choice for maintaining complete control over feeding and fish monitoring through the use of feeding cameras. This integrated solution provides all the functionality you expect from an Orbit feeding camera, including winch control, without the need for power cables or network cables to the pen. The battery is charged via a 100W solar panel, and through a wireless WiFi antenna, you have access from nearby boats, feed barges, or shore points for control.

Product Details

Orbit HD camera connector


Orbit Full HD camera connector






Solar panel



12V LiFePO4 100Ah

ScaleAQ has extensive experience in adapting equipment for use in areas without developed power infrastructure. Our solar solution has been in use by several customers for many years and has recently been modernized. The solar solution, along with its associated pen cabinet, functions practically as a network cabinet for all pen equipment—not just underwater cameras.

  • Supports Orbit 2nd Gen (Orbit HD) and 3rd Gen (Orbit Full HD) underwater cameras
  • Flexible – the three multi-sockets provide versatility and adaptability, supporting WiFi antennas, surface cameras, or optional Scale sensors
  • Service-friendly
  • Interchangeable connection plate to accommodate changing needs
  • Depending on the amount of winch operation required each day, multiple solar panels can be connected in series for increased effectiveness

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the solution so that we can ensure it meets your needs.

Note: The image is for illustration purposes only; exact installation must be adapted to pen type and supplier.