Water feeding

ScaleAQ is committed to using our position to contribute at all levels, based on insight and collaboration with customers and partners. Through our Engineering Department, we try to secure ideas and experience from both the full scale of ScaleAQ, and from our customers in order to establish good projects, products and systems. That is what we have done in the development of our water feeding system and associated software. We have applied our own experience and customer preferences in the development of what we believe is the best water feeding system on the market.

Product Details

Feeding under water

Minimizes microplastic emissions

Energy efficient

Durable and solid

Minimal maintenance

Safe and intuitive

Feeding under water

Water feeding facilitates feeding below the surface of the water. Deep feeding can have an effect on the depth at which the fish choose to settle, and consequently the degree of lice infection to which they are exposed, combined with other measures such as submerged lighting. If it is too hot at the surface in summer or too cold at the surface in winter, it may be beneficial to feed at greater depth where temperatures are more stable. It is also possible to feed through barriers such as netting ceilings or similar.


It is not expected that there will be any emissions of microplastics from the feed hoses during feeding with the ScaleAQ water feeding system.


Based on durable and solid solutions without too many moving parts and sensors.

Energy efficient

Compared to the equivalent feeding system using air transport, power consumption can be reduced by up to 50% with the use of our water feeding system. In some cases, there may even greater reductions where the conditions are right to support this.


By making conscious material choices and thoughtful design, we minimize system maintenance.


Water feeding is gentle, leading to less wear on the lining of the hoses compared to surface feeding. The water feeding system is based on safe, intuitive solutions that ensure system uptime and safety for the operators.

In sea-based farming, the blowing of pellets from barge to cage is the predominant method, but there are alternatives. ScaleAQ has developed a central feeding system that uses water as the transport medium. It is energy efficient, and simple, with a long lifespan for components. The use of water also helps minimize the release of microplastics from the feed hoses. The product is currently only available to select customers.

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