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Winch system for sinker tube

ScaleAQ’s winch system is equipped with Aquaneema ropes that raise and lower the sinker tube while ensuring even lift under fully controlled conditions. The use of integrated winches instead of cranes is labor-saving and reduces the risk of accidents.
ScaleAQ Winch

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ScaleAQ winch system

The net is subjected to a minimal load, personnel are exposed to less risk, and the likelihood of making mistakes is reduced. This ensures safer, easier and quicker handling of the net, and work can also be carried out in poor weather conditions. When using a crane boat, the net may be subjected to skewed loads and the risk of accidents is increased. The winch makes the entire operation easier, quicker and safer.

  • Our winch system streamlines operations relating to the raising and lowering of the sinker tube.
  • Focus more on HSE and fish welfare.
  • Our winch system reduces the use of cranes on board boats and thereby the risk of injury to personnel.



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