Hybridization in aquaculture

Hybridization in aquaculture: Reduce fuel consumption by 60 %

Hybridization in aquaculture helps reduce emissions, improve working environments and increase profitability. ScaleAQ introduces a custom hybrid system for the aquaculture industry.

“Our new Hybrid Power System is fully compliant with national requirements and also includes our proprietary Energy Management System,” says Leon Erik Heinesen, ScaleAQ’s Electrical and Automation Engineering Manager.

Reduced fuel consumption

The ocean is one of the Earth’s most important food sources, and aquaculture is among the most sustainable ways to produce food. ScaleAQ believes all industry developments should maintain a strong focus on sustainability.

The Hybrid Power System was developed to provide a high-tech solution for reduced fuel consumption on and emissions from feed floats.

“Actually, you can reduce fuel consumption by up to 60 %, Heinesen explains.

In addition to the environmental benefit of reduced fuel consumption, the system also has other benefits, such as reduced generator run-times.

“This means less generator maintenance is required. In addition, the system runs on one of the safest batteries on the market, and it’s DNV-GL certified, he elaborates.

How it works

Heinesen explains that the system works by combining battery and diesel engine operation. This way, you can run the diesel engine at optimal load while charging the batteries and operating the float.

“Once the batteries are fully loaded, the system will automatically switch to battery operation and stop the diesel engine.”

System brain

Heinesen describes ScaleAQ’s proprietary Energy Management system as the brain of the system.

“The Energy Management System provides system monitoring, generator control and a complete overview of power consumption, among other things,” he explains, along with engineer Edvin Hatlevik, who is ScaleAQ’s Senior Automation Engineer and Programming Supervisor. Hatlevik also emphasizes another innovative aspect of this new system — its simulation tool.

“With ScaleAQ’s proprietary simulation tool, you can simulate expected fuel consumption, battery life and number of diesel engines, among other things. The results may be used to optimize the system.”

Hybrid batteri helfigur bilde

One supplier from start to finish

There are several advantages to choosing ScaleAQ’s Hyprid Power System. One such advantage is that you only have to deal with a single supplier throughout the entire process.
“As the customer, you don’t have to deal with different suppliers. ScaleAQ will assist you throughout the process, with anything from design and development, to installation, training, service and maintenance,” Heinesen says.


Heinesen explains that ScaleAQ will customize the Hybrid Power System to your float. Based on both technical and financial data, ScaleAQ can help you find the best configuration for your needs — for both new builds and retrofitting.

“Among other things, we can customize the set-up for the battery rack and make sure the batteries fit in the space you have available,” he concludes.

Fra venstre: Leon Erik Heinesen, Manager Electrical and Automation Engineering og Edvin Hatlevik, Senior automasjonsingeniør i ScaleAQ.

Hybrid batteri closeup