Anchor chains

Product Details

We supply anchor chains in K2 quality. The chain is normally supplied in locks, ie in lengths of 27.5 m.

Other lengths are produced on request. A studless chain is used.


In order to achieve a flexible mooring system with good dynamic properties, it is important to use heavy anchor chain down to the bottom bracket.

Our anchor chain meets high quality standards. Third party approval plus our own regular audits in production ensure that the chains are more than able to hold when the weather is at its worst.

In addition to fibre rope the mooring lines incorporates heavy anchor chain. The combination of elasticity in the fibre rope with the weight of the anchor chain gives the mooring line optimized behaviour when opposing the combined effect of the wind, current and waves. We deliver studless anchor chain grade 2.

Item no. Description Dimension (mm) Fracture strength (t) Weight per lock (kg)
300344 Anchor chain studless 30 47,6 505
300346 Anchor chain studless 36 68,5 760
301737 Anchor chain studless 40 85,5 935
302123 Anchor chain studless 48 121,9 1351