Product Details

Dyneema© SK78 Dextron 12Plus 48mm
End-End Splice Construction
8/12 braided Dyneema© OTS Protective Jacket©

Grommet MBL 270 Metric Tons
Rope Ring MBL 180 Metric Tons
Made for connection of 16 lines
Maximum Dimensioning Mooring load 43 Metric Tons

Design standard:
NS9415:2009 (Certified)

Other information:
Product can be adjusted to other dimensions for customer or site specification


Our new mooring rope ring was certified in 2018. It sinks in water which makes operation and installation easier and safer (i.e. SG>1.0). The rope ring is very stiff and provides a clear connection point for easy inspection and maintenance. This also reduces the risk of gnawing between components. Mooring lines are attached directly to the rope ring, which reduces the number of parts needed for the system.

  • Frame mooring mounted by ScaleAQ prior to installation. Packed and transferred in container to site.
  • No steel components on deck during operation and maintenance, HSE benefit.
  • Sinks in water and makes operation and installation easier and safer.
Item no. Description Rupture strength (t) Weight (kg)
302526 Mooring rope ring 270 16
302738 Buoy line for rope ring, 24mm x 8meter 52 10