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Marker lights SABIK

The most robust marker light on the market, featuring solid construction and size. Meets all requires. 18 month battery capacity.
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Product Details

Market leading lights for floating aquaculture facilities.

SABIK SBF 160 is a very robust beacon for fish farming facilities. The light satisfies all requirements as to the applicable regulations relating to warning signs at sea and navigation systems. The battery has a service life of 18 months in accordance with the regulations. The beacon is easy to fit and has integrated GPS synchronization. The beacon is available with solar panel.



Item no.Description
302099Beacon SABIK with/GPS synch. SBF 160 – 1.7 – Generation 2
301539Battery for SABIK marker light with GPS sync. SBF 160 - 17.7
YBS 302100Top for SABIK marker light with GPS sync. SBF 160 - 1.7