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Mooring plate

Our hot-dipped galvanized mooring plate is the most critical component in the mooring system. We deliver robust and solid mooring plates which are designed to withstand the forces they are exposed to. Plate thickness 40 and 70 mm.
Mooring ConnectionPlate under the sea

Product Details

A connection point that never fails.

Mooring lines, frame rope and buoy rope/chain are connected to the mooring plate with shackles.

Item no.DescriptionWeight (kg)MBLMBL lifting ear
30138340mm 8 hole3811041
30138440mm 12 hole6511041
30138540mm 16 hole13511041
30282840mm 20 hole21011041
30044470mm 8 hole6215041
30044570mm 12 hole11015041
30095970mm 16 hole24115041