Pen, net and mooringPensFR (PL) 560

FR (PL) 560

Our new 560 floating collar offers greater stability, higher capacity, and better user-friendliness than the 500 floating collars. It features several good solutions, including an improved load-bearing system that will help to deliver reduced service and maintenance costs.
560 collar web

Product Details


120 – 200 m

Floating tube

2 x Ø560 mm HDPE, SDR 13.6/17.0/17.6, 41.2 – 31.8 mm goods, black color


Ø140 mm HDPE, SDR 7.4, 18.9 mm goods, white color With injection molded plastic brackets: Ø160 mm HDPE, SDR 11.0, 14.5 mm goods, white color

Bracket with rail support

Alt 1: Galvanized steel brackets, 80 x 60 mm rail support Alt 2: Brackets in injection molded HDPE, mooring clamps in galvanized steel Alt 3: Combination of galvanized steel brackets and HDPE

Bracket for pen accessories

80 x 60 mm galvanized rectangular steelpipe

Distance c/c floating tube

1100 mm


1140 mm wide for the full perimeter


6.0 m/1.5 m/s (For 157 m, 20 m to bottom rope + 15 m cone-shaped tip (total depth net bag 35 m)

Net buoyancy

46 tonnes with 160 m circumference

Kapasitet på fortøyningsbrakett

35T ULS / 40T ALS (Fracture strength / Accidental load)

Mooring bracket capacity

*Hs/Vc may vary by net design and is adapted to site. Net buoyancy is variable in circumference and SDR class for floating tubes.

We are proud to present our new floating collar – FR560

This floating collar has been developed to accommodate the harsh locations of the present and the future. Locations with strong currents, high waves, large service vessels and a desire for higher volumes during production place greater demands on the equipment being used. The FR560 is a hybrid of the present day FR500 and the FR630 series. We have chosen to take the strengths and advantages of the FR630 series and combined this with a brand new 560 bracket and tube design. This has delivered enhanced stability, a wider working platform, higher buoyancy and ultimate load during construction, and an innovative bracket that designed with service requirements and extra equipment in mind.

  • Developed for today’s sites and more exposed locations
  • Designed with a focus on user-friendliness and flexibility when installing extra equipment
  • Available in sizes ranging from 120m to 200m circumference
New design

New bracket design and load-bearing structure reduce service intervals, in addition to the 560mm tube dimension enhancing stability and strength of the pen, which will mean that a tremendous 35 tonnes can be achieved in an accident state. With the FR560, you get many of the benefits of the flagship FR630 at a very advantageous cost-benefit ratio.

Steel or plastic brackets

Our floating collars can be supplied with either steel or plastic brackets We also offer an innovative solution where the use of steel and plastic brackets can be combined together. If you require a plastic floating collar but with a mooring bracket made from steel, you will get the greatest flexibility available on the market. When using mooring brackets on the post, you will have a reduced number of brackets, and will also have the ability to retrofit extra equipment to the post.

Extensive experience

ScaleAQ has 40 years’ experience producing floating collars and has manufactured more than 100,000 steel brackets. This means we have very high levels of experience and expertise with these products.



Pen accessories


Feed pipes

fast tamp holder

Fixed tamp holder

mooring bracker fender at sea

Mooring bracket fender

FeedHose Holder Walkway

Feed pipe holders

Net quick coupling

Mooring lug insert

cage sign holder

Complete pen sign holder

rescue ladder

Complete rescue ladder for pens


Universal bracket modules

Notkrokbeskytter i HDPE

HDPE net hook protector

Electrical cabinet module


Bird net with fiberglass rod

Universal Equipment bracket

Universal bracket for extra equipment


Hinged net hook

ScaleAQ Winch

Winch system for sinker tube